Event Horizon

You sit there reading some dude’s blog, eyes picking over bullet points and flowcharts and PowerPoints.  What the fuck is the matter with people who think like this?  None of it sits right with you.  In the comments, some douchebag with a low, sloping forehead tosses out a tip/brags to other douchebags.   You’re skeptical.  No woman is that dumb.  Maybe he was at a supprt group for people who used to eat paint chips.  Sigh.  You scroll through some of his other comments  Now you’re disgusted.  That dude lacks a shred of decency.  He’s got no respect for anyone.  Pathological.  You’re offended on behalf of women everywhere.  Fuck this.  Might as well get some sleep.

But some small part of you wonders…

You try out that douchebag’s bullshit one day, on a whim…and something happened!  She didn’t drop to her knees and blow you, but you’ve never made a woman smile and bite her lip like that.  Shock!  The Earth shifts under your feet.  Blurry mysteries snap into crisp focus.  You hunt down that old post and scroll through the comments until you find the comment.  You stare at the username.  You imagine that person’s life.  You feel slightly apologetic.  You’re appreciative. That anonymous person has given you a great gift.

That’s it, the Event Horizon.  Ground Zero.  It’s never the same afterwords.  You know things now.

Every beneficial choice made based on accurate information washes away a bit of that ignorant regret/regret for ignorance you’re carrying around.  The icy gutpunches caused by years-old loss come less frequently.  The thrill and joy of the hunt returns, bit-by-bit.  Possibility and hope gradually displace regret and fear.

If you’re sitting there reading my bullshit, Red Pill sticking in your throat, paralyzed by it’s implications, disgusted by it’s proponents – you’re asking the wrong questions.  Pick something small and try it a few times.  Quit worrying about what it means – go find out how it works.

Learn the basics, then come back to the Grand Questions.


20 thoughts on “Event Horizon

  1. Awesome post and writing. This post should be the first stop for the guy who thinks “this can’t be true”

  2. I am trying to recall that moment. I think it was the first time I teased, nay “negged”, a cute blonde oboist 15 years younger than me, only to watch her giggle, eyes sparkle, and continue to talk to me.

  3. Blurry mysteries snap into crisp focus.

    That’s how it happened to me. Every uneasy memory of the time a woman reacted positively, sometimes with a happy smile to jerkish behavior, came stampeding into mind. You can never go back from a moment like that.

    Game works, and can be seen to work.

  4. Good stuff. Even old married guy’s have learned. My taking the red pill has helped me be a better Father and Husband. Use your newfound powers for good.

  5. I don’t really know you well, as I am still relatively new here in the blogosphere (I created my own blog and got it running 4 months ago) and it is always nice to see another person open their eyes and blog about it.


    P.S. I just read through all your blog and comments (and left a comment or two of my own). Nice blog! You’ve been added to my blogroll.

  6. DS

    First, ran across your blog today via Alpha Game thru Hawaiian Liberatarian – and glad I did. Excellent and thoughtful series of posts. You’ve been added to my list of reads.

    Second, where would you point someone who’s got a glass in hand and is ready to take the Red Pill? Just roam around haphazardly – or do you have roadmap from which I can eventually find my own way? From where you are now, where do you think is a good starting place for those of us seeking our own event horizons? I doubt I’ll be the only one reading this post thinking “Awesome – where do I begin?” This would make an excellent post in its own right.

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