Condition Yellow – The Badger/Yohami Corollary

Badger said: Critics of game say it teaches men to objectify women, view them as robots or (as bb’s husband put it) “non-player characters.” That’s bupkus, it’s been the complete opposite for me – women no longer confuse and anger me, because I no longer see them as defective men or inscrutable extraterrestrial creatures (I’m looking at you John Gray). I can appreciate them for what and how they are, and have realistic expectations for what they can and can’t bring to my life.

Yohami said:  Code gold: the land is full of opportunity

These statements bear careful consideration.  I saw somewhere that by knowing things that exist, it’s possible to know that which doesn’t exist.

Beats the shit out of Twilight, any day of the week.


15 thoughts on “Condition Yellow – The Badger/Yohami Corollary

  1. avoid situations where this applies (quote from Animal House – student to head of School): ” Hey, you fucked up – you trusted us.” Do not put yourself in a situation where you realize you fucked up because you believed a woman would be a “man” about something – i.e. honorable by your terms, not her own….

  2. Thanks for the quote. I feel strongly about this particular angle of the game, I think it’s a trite criticism that stereotypes gamers as borderline autistic.

    I’ll make another analogy. It’s easy, if you’re frustrated, to view a woman as a problem to be solved, something standing between you and what you want that can be worked around with the right subterfuge (indeed, some aspects of game are tactical in nature, like isolation and seduction). This is not unlike how some women treat men, as means to their own ends to be manipulated for their own comforts.

    It’s more useful to view women as additive elements of color or flavor in your life, a more fleshed-out version of how you might use sauces in the kitchen. It doesn’t make sense to get angry at the sauce for not being a steak or a pizza; it is what it is, and you can allow it to bring enjoyment to your life if and when you want to.

  3. Why do you guys feel the need to explain this to women (the so-called game critics) anyway? Let them talk crap. They’re like children who ask questions of and boo-boo things they don’t understand and don’t want to know about, just for the attention of adults.

    If you have that much time, spend it helping fellow men who haven’t yet taken the Red Pill.

    • This goes beyond women. Blue pill men want to find any excuse that game doesn’t work due to various cognitive biases. The more moderates (like Dogsquat) that can explain game benefits (and realistic limits), the more blue pillers we can help swallow the red pill.

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