Sermon the Second, Part One

If you learn nothing else from me, let it be this:

Women want what they want.  Period.  End of story.

There is much gnashing of teeth done by men who’ve just taken the Red Pill:

“How could she leave me?  I was the fastest COBOL coder in this time zone!”

“But…but…but I handed my entire paycheck over to her every week!  I never so much as looked at another woman!”

“I brought her flowers and asked if she would please accompany me to a showing of The Vagina Monologues.  She flaked and went drinking with Spike instead.  He’s got two motorcycles and no helmet.  He went to a trade school, for fuck’s sake.”

Another hard truth here, gents:

Most of you Blue Pill Guys are barking up the wrong tree.  It’s a fact. You just are.  Listen – women are not men.  All the Women’s Studies classes in The Universe will not change that.

The things you respect about yourself and your buddies are not necessarily the things women respect about you.

Let me say that again another way:

Women do not necessarily value the same things in a man that you think are important.

One more time, below your sensitive, politically correct belt:

If you insist on treating women like men with boobs, you’re blinded by your male gaze.  You’re a sexist, actually.  You’re bordering on male chauvinism, especially if you burn billions of calories arguing about why things should be the way you think they are.  You’re just as bad as Amanda Marcotte or that sniveling, lickspittle eunuch who runs the Manboobz site – just the flip side of the coin.

Smear your face with ash, wail piteously, and don a jockstrap of coarsest sackcloth – The Universe doesn’t give a shit, and neither do women.  Women want what they want, not what you think they should want.

Me and lots of other men will argue with you, try and show you the error of your ways, even point out where you picked up this faulty bit of programming.  That’s the point of this blog, as a matter of fact.

However, you need to do a little work yourself.  Like an addict working a 12-step program, you need to accept that the way you did things in the past was not the best way to be happy, long term.  Like a recruit in boot camp, you need to accept that most of what you “know” is bullshit.  You need to use the proffered tools to rebuild yourself into a fully functional man.
Here’s a little Rudyard Kipling to ponder.  Read it, and think about it’s application to your life over the next day or so:

The young recruit is ‘aughty — ‘e draf’s from Gawd knows where;
They bid ‘im show ‘is stockin’s an’ lay ‘is mattress square;
‘E calls it bloomin’ nonsense — ‘e doesn’t know, no more —
An’ then up comes ‘is Company an’kicks’im round the floor!

The young recruit is ‘ammered — ‘e takes it very hard;
‘E ‘angs ‘is ‘ead an’ mutters — ‘e sulks about the yard;
‘E talks o’ “cruel tyrants” which ‘e’ll swing for by-an’-by,
An’ the others ‘ears an’ mocks ‘im, an’ the boy goes orf to cry.

The young recruit is silly — ‘e thinks o’ suicide.
‘E’s lost ‘is gutter-devil; ‘e ‘asn’t got ‘is pride;
But day by day they kicks ‘im, which ‘elps ‘im on a bit,
Till ‘e finds ‘isself one mornin’ with a full an’ proper kit.

Gettin’ clear o’ dirtiness, gettin’ done with mess,
Gettin’ shut o’ doin’ things rather-more-or-less;
Not so fond of abby-nay, kul, nor hazar-ho,
Learns to keep  ‘is ripe an “isself jus’so!

The young recruit is ‘appy — ‘e throws a chest to suit;
You see ‘im grow mustaches; you ‘ear ‘im slap’ is boot.
‘E learns to drop the “bloodies” from every word ‘e slings,
An ‘e shows an ‘ealthy brisket when ‘e strips for bars an’ rings.

The cruel-tyrant-sergeants they watch ‘im ‘arf a year;
They watch ‘im with ‘is comrades, they watch ‘im with ‘is beer;
They watch ‘im with the women at the regimental dance,
And the cruel-tyrant-sergeants send ‘is name along for “Lance.”

An’ now ‘e’s ‘arf o’ nothin’, an’ all a private yet,
‘Is room they up an’ rags ‘im to see what they will get.
They rags ‘im low an’ cunnin’, each dirty trick they can,
But ‘e learns to sweat ‘is temper an ‘e learns to sweat ‘is man.

An’, last, a Colour-Sergeant, as such to be obeyed,
‘E schools ‘is men at cricket, ‘e tells ’em on parade,
They sees ‘im quick an ‘andy, uncommon set an’ smart,
An’ so ‘e talks to orficers which ‘ave the Corps at ‘eart.

That’s a message of hope for those who choose to hear it, and a warning for those who do not.

You’re being kicked by life, day by day.  You can either adjust, or get kicked to Death.  You can use the kicks as teaching tools, or live as a bruised, lumpy human target.  Go ahead.  Maybe someone will admire your tombstone one day:

“Here lies Joe.  He didn’t care about Reality.  He stuck to his fantasy until the bitter, lonely end.  It just made more sense to him than the real world.  He was proud of his failure to adapt and overcome.”

Or, get with the program.  Use your eyes.  Perceive things as they are.  Stop asking,”But what does it all mean!!???!”  That’s the wrong question right now.  It’s counter-productive.  You aren’t qualified to ask, let alone hear the answer, until you understand how it works.

We’ll start getting into some nuts-and-bolts type stuff in Part Two of this ‘ere Sermon.


22 thoughts on “Sermon the Second, Part One

  1. Ah yes. The inital reaction to the truth. I remember it well.

    Then you will ask – “How come women get to nakedly go after what they want, and I don’t?”

    Then you realize the answer is: you.

    Then you are free…

  2. ““How could she leave me? I was the fastest COBOL coder in this time zone!””
    Hah. I can totally relate to this.
    This blog will penetrate the minds of millions one day. Keep up the commitment bro.

  3. “Stop asking,”But what does it all mean!!???!” That’s the wrong question right now. It’s counter-productive. You aren’t qualified to ask, let alone hear the answer, until you understand how it works.”

    So if I can’t ask what it all means, what is the right question?

    • Are my actions producing results which I’m digging?


      Where in my life is Reality giving Fantasy a serious beatdown?

      ’tis why I’m here…

      • OK so your talking about someone that just found the red pill? Sure, at that time asking the why and what doesn’t make sense. I completely get HOW this all works, which is actually the problem for me.

        Look, I’ve been in the corporate world over two decades now. I’ve been through many restructuring efforts and at least a few layoff episodes when times were tough. I completely understand how a company decides to “let someone go” even though they may have done a great job. They simply cost too much, or don’t make the company enough money, or what they do just isn’t important when money is tight. I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of layoff, and I’ve been the one making the call as to who is getting a pink slip. I know all about HOW that process works, and I even know WHY it sometimes has to be done. But I still hate it to my core every single time I’m forced to participate.

        To me, game is very similar. I totally understand (for the most part. I am still learning some small details, but I think I have the concept of game well covered) how game works. It is using specific actions to trigger specific reactions from a woman. In a way, I see it as a social way of making a person’s leg twitch by hitting the kneecap with a rubber mallet. It is a reaction to a trigger. I don’t have any issue with understanding that.

        My issue is, why do we have to go through all this? We are intelligent creatures, totally and utterly capable of overriding our most basic and strongest biological urges, yet instead of simply standing up and saying “this is stupid. lets fix it” we keep finding ways to bump woman with that rubber mallet. You were in the military, so you have seen this plenty of times. If we could not override our nature, no human alive would run into a burning building to save a stranger. No human would go to war for their country. The fact that people can and have sacrificed themselves for another person, or even the “greater good”, proves beyond all doubt that there really is no need for “game” if we would simply stop rutting in our “nature” and rose above to become something better. THAT is the reason I keep looking for the why of it all. Not because I don’t understand how it works, but because I simply cannot fathom why we all collectively don’t just wise up and change the rules.

        And this is also why I tend to feel that “people” suck. Collectively we will gravitate toward the lowest common denominator even though we have the capacity to be much more. Unless pushed, most people simply don’t care to improve.

        Yes, I get that the sky is blue and water is wet. But the sky and water do not have self awareness and intelligence to become something else. To simply state that something just “is” when it comes to female sexuality is completely removing intelligence and will from the equation.

          • Nope and I’m not suggesting anyone should do that. But I find it hard to believe that the vast majority of women in the U.S. needs such a high level of alpha behavior that the vast majority of men are simply unattractive. I’m sorry, but that really sounds to me like women in general have a super inflated opinion of themselves and have been sold a bill of goods on what they “deserve” and are “entitled” to get in a mate. Further, much of the problem isn’t a lack of alpha traits so much as years of systematic suppression of those traits through public education, social programming, and a political agenda designed to subjugate men to “make up” for some social slights against women in the past. If we simply as a society stopped punishing boys for being boys, you would quickly start to see much of this going away. I would wager that the majority of women do not NEED a man to be an asshat to find them attractive. I would also wager that most of the men we commonly call betas are more than capable of bringing enough dominance, confidence, and charisma to keep the average women happy. Yes, I get that “game” is partly about teaching these men to accept their own nature, embrace it, and through that gain those traits. But when it comes to the “parlor tricks” side of the seminar, I’m simply overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy put into learning the ‘tricks’ to get laid. OI? Dread? Negs? If a guy is good with himself, he shouldn’t need any of that crap to keep a woman attracted and happy. Sure, to get 20, 50, 100 women to hop on his lap? Yeah, he’ll probably need every trick in the book. But how many men really want that? How many women really want those men? Again, I would wager the vast majority of men and women aren’t interested past perhaps a few years early in life. So, why all this fuss about learning to “game” your wife? Why all the time and effort put into “knocking that HB9 off her perch”?

            Here is MY take on that: If you need to neg that HB9 to get play from her, you are not “the man”. You are using tricks to compensate for NOT being “the man”. If you really were the shit, that HB9 would trip over herself to get with you. Surely, to get that response from a really hot women, you better believe you have to be “THE MAN” (capitalized for a reason to add effect…) because she certainly has her pick. But I am not impressed that a man might manage to get in her pants by pretending to be “THE MAN”, when in fact he might not even be “the man”. There is no real character to be found in “gaming” a woman in that manner. I can’t argue that it works, but it works the same way stealing does. Sure, if I wanted a new TV, I can break into a store and steal it. But, I don’t deserve it and I didn’t earn it, and I got it at someone else’s expense. The proper way to get myself a TV is to work hard, make money, and buy it. Not only does that build character for myself, it benefits others instead of taking away from them. I know DogSquat isn’t suggesting any man should take advantage of a women using “game”, but the truth is the vast majority of the ‘sphere promotes it exactly as that: a way to get what you want from a woman without regard to how it effects her. In other words, it is a method of using people. I don’t see the point in teaching more people how to abuse each other when the simple solution is: teach them how to love themselves, and that will reflect in how they treat each other.

            I know, this is all very idealistic for me. But the truth is, I’m really getting tired of duct tape patches and parlor tricks when it comes to this stuff. It isn’t difficult to be happy. Just decide to BE happy, and make it happen. Leave the tricks to magicians.

            • I don’t disagree with a thing you said. I have said this a few times myself at some manosphere sites and some men were really upset that I said it and others completely agreed. The fact is, some men truly want to be better, and I agree with you that a man absolutely does not NEED to be an asshole to get women. I don’t think most women actually want to date and asshole, only they will because a kind alpha is not easy to find. So the asshole is a stand in.

              But you can’t force people to want to better themselves, especially when so many of them are getting what they want (lots of women), playing the dominant role, rather than truly becoming dominant. I can’t can’t blame these guys for being pissed off about being told all these untruths about women when they were children to only get screwed over royally when they grew up. I think the process of MGTOW and going the PUA route are natural consequences for our society teaching women untruths about themselves. So, should things be as you say? Sure, but you are not going to get any where with shoulds. Things are the way they are right, now and while I think they are beginning to swing back in the other direction, it is going to take a long time to make the full swing back. You and I need to start with our own children.

              • I have said many times that I don’t blame men for getting pissed, learning game, and tearing through women like a kid on Christmas morning. I get it, and fully admit that had I found this stuff in my 20’s I might have done just that. Thankfully I didn’t and although my life has been far from perfect, I’ve manged to make it this far without putting too many black marks on my soul. But what worries me is so many people are acting in ways that are really spiritually damaging, and instead of fixing those behaviors we encourage others to do the same as a “fix”. I realize I’m treading into religion territory, but I’m certainly not going to start quoting the Bible. The truth is we have become a very materialistic and physical society that appeals to our baser behaviors over higher and more evolved ways of thinking. Because as a whole we no longer believe in or concern ourselves with an afterlife, we are more hedonistic and pleasure seeking to the point of neglecting our better and more noble selves. We saturate ourselves with what feels good completely disregarding the damage it causes us and others.

                We are immature, irresponsible, and self-centered people. (we as in society at large, not necessarily you and I). I am fully trying to teach my children how to be better than that, but I’m fighting against a literal hurricane of conflicting messages from the media and pop culture. How do you teach a child to appriciate accomplishing something when ever child gets a trophy? How do I teach them how to be moral and decent when Jersey Shore is drawing huge audiences. We are in many ways a sick society much like Sodom and Gomorrah. Now I’m not going to suggest that we all need to find God and pray, but there is no doubt in my mind that the vacancy left when we tossed God out has not been filled by anything, and it is leading us down a dark path of self destruction. And in the end, I’m possed off that I’m being dragged down with it.

                • You keep them from that crap until they are ready to deal with it. When they are exposed to it, you sit them down and explain to them the truth. It’s all you can do. It’s a HUGE reason why we homeschool.

                  Be pissed if it makes you feel better. But honestly, what is getting pissed off going to do about it? All you can do is the best you can with your circle and it sounds like you are doing that. We have a saying in our house, “Do something about it, or die pissed off.” You are doing and have done what you can about it. You have to let the rest of it go or your just going to be pissed forever. Why would you want to do that? Society is what it is. How is being pissed off about going to change a single thing? Also, society does not give a rats ass that your pissed. You will be much happier when you change what you can. What more can you do?

            • “But I find it hard to believe that the vast majority of women in the U.S. needs such a high level of alpha behavior that the vast majority of men are simply unattractive. I’m sorry, but that really sounds to me like women in general have a super inflated opinion of themselves and have been sold a bill of goods on what they “deserve” and are “entitled” to get in a mate.”

              You might not believe it. But that’s the case.They really ARE that selfish,entitled,and narcissistic. The majority of them haven’t even evolved beyond the mental level of children. Trying to teach them how dysfunctional the environment their actions create is would be like trying to teach your dog calculus.

              I used to be like you,I couldn’t believe it either,I’m too rational. But I’ve had a lot of time to simply unplug,sit back and watch.

              When it comes to people,imagine the most irrational,reckless,insane,and idiotic thing you can come up with and you’ll arrive nearer to the truth than by any other method. Think about the future. What do you see? Flying cars,universal peace,unlimited cheap or free energy?

              What I see are people cutting their own dicks off and super-gluing them to their foreheads as a snarky fashion statement. I see grown human beings wearing dirty diapers around in order to “save time”. I see 40 year olds with rotten teeth giggling and farting in wading pools filled with stagnant swamp water,these people are sober,it is a Wednesday afternoon in Anywhere,Usa.

              The truth of humanity is far darker and more perverse than anyone who values reason,progress,and enlightenment would ever guess. The early Christians imagined Satanists at the highest levels of government trampling the cross and sacrificing unbaptized infants behind closed doors. What limited imaginations! The reality is a million people with good intentions too lazy to do anything to stamp out idiocy,hedonism,and ignorance, and millions more than that whose reckless self-indulgence and autoerotic narcissism strains credulity,locked together in a societal suicide pact.

              I don’t know why we invented hell,from where I stand,it would appear we’re living in it.

              If you can’t believe that things really are as bad as they appear to be,you don’t need pussy,you need a reality check,my brother.

              It’s like an alcohol cabinet stacked with a million varieties of absinthe. It tastes like warmed-over vomit all the time, but after a few doses you become numb enough to take more.

              I’ve pretty much weaned off of pussy and am nearly celibate because I’ve accepted that you actually do have to go through all of this complicated bullshit every time you’re dealing with a chick. There’s no shortcut. This IS the shortcut.

              I learned all of this shit before I’d ever even heard about game. Figured it all out myself.I even taught some of my buddies back in the day.

              I guess if I ever get hard up for some cunt later on down the road I could always plan a trip to vegas and take the short shortcut.I don’t think it’ll happen,though, I’ve eliminated almost all the women from my life and I don’t notice a lack of ANYTHING indispensable. Don’t get me wrong,I miss the pussy,but I’d rather commit seppukku than go through all of the senseless drama women manufacture for “entertainment” (for them,not for everyone else obviously),the mood swings, the tantrums, the threats,emotional blackmail,etc.

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    • Good post. However I disagree with much of it.

      For the record I’m not at all unhappy at this point in my life. Work is lame but steady despite a shitty economy. My home life is consistent and rewarding, and my relationship with my SO is as good as it has been since day one. I am indeed taking responsibility for my shit and getting it in order. But none of that has anything to do with manipulating people to get what I want.

      I don’t know about others, but I assuredly do not interact with my family and friends in a particular way to get a response. When I talk to my SO, I am being honest and open about my intentions. The same for my friends and family. Sure, in my work life I do exactly what you described, but not because I want to get a specific reaction. It is because if I was truly myself and spoke my mind they would be hurt and angry with me. Why? Because I say it like it is and don’t concern myself with how that makes them feel. My family and friends know this about me, and although it has caused hurt feelings and regiments they have all come to value my candid approach. So I completely reject the notion that everyone intentionally manipulates each other. Perhaps that’s what everyone else does, which adds more credibility to my stance that people suck.

      So to be clear, I may be crying, but it isn’t over MY personal situation. I am happy and content in my own little bubble of life. What I’m pissed about is that my bubble of life has to float around in the dirty water everyone else is creating. I don’t know you, but there is a fair chance that I would find you to be a great person IF we got to know each other. But, we won’t, and that puts you in the “people” category to me. This means that I assume you do indeed suck until you prove otherwise. Is that fair? Hell no! But no where is it written that I have to be fair to anyone, and it is only because I decide to BE fair that I ever am.

      Yes I realize that generally people are lazy shits. I am a lazy shit. But I can see the advantages of getting off my ass and working for something better, and it frustrates me that most people really are satisfied just floating around in ther own bubble of life while someone is pissing in the pool. I truly believe that we can be more than our biology, but it will not happen if pain is our only motivation. And honestly, what does that say about a person that they will only put forth effort when they are suffering? You seem to think I have some bad thinking, but to me believing the only way to enact change is through pain and suffering just seems very barbaric. And sad.

      Bottom line for me is this: I’m glad I found the ‘sphere and learned about the red pill. Information is always good to have, and I can and will continue to use that knowledge to improve. However, I refuse to resort to parlor tricks and social manipulation to get what I want/need. To do that would be to forsake my sense of morality and justice, and to be honest I would rather die alone than sell my soul to the devil. To me there are more important things in life than happiness. I certainly want to be happy, but not if the cost is giving up on being moral and decent. And I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if a woman is not happy with me as I like myself to be, she isn’t right for me. If I must “game” her using dread and trickery, then I’m better off without her. Because It will bring me down, and no person is worth that. What is important is that I like myself as I am. If not, I should change it. But changing who I am for a woman is not going to succeed, and in the end I will be alone and miserable. At least now if I end up alone, I will still like myself.

      • Ted,

        “However, I refuse to resort to parlor tricks and social manipulation to get what I want/need.”

        Like I said, you already are. You learned your parlor tricks and social manipulation early on, what you are refusing to, is change. You dont want to drop your tricks and manipulations in order to get new ones that seem counter intuitive / dont fit your older programming.

        Now to manipulation: like I said, this is less manipulative when you’re honest, when how you behave is in sync with what you really think and feel. That makes the manipulation less evil, but it doesnt make it any less manipulative.

        You like yourself like who you are because something called ego. The glue that holds us together. Not because there’s any inherent value on who you are nor how you are. You just like yourself because that’s all you have. Same for me and everyone else.

        Game was designed as a toolbox of tricks. So guys could use tricks and get results without changing who they were. But. The mere fact that the tricks work expose that the “you” molded to lies, that the tricks already in the toolbox were developed under false premises. So all you can do is accept reality, accept the water is wet etc. And figure who you have to be and which skills you need to develop, what you will have to change into, in order to be both honest and effective. So you can do what works, while still being you.

  5. Mr. Ted.

    Sure, be angry. Then realize that the pool we’re all wading in has always been dirty. For centuries. This is humanity. Depressing, sure, but we’ve done some good things, over those centuries.

    Herein lies the pragmatism that is “What the fuck, over?” You cannot change other people. You cannot change society. You cannot change anyone but yourself, you are not responsible for anyone but yourself and your kids for the early parts of their lives.

    So, let the world do what it wants, and you do what you want. Be what you want to be. Hurt nothing in the process.

    The Navy Corpsman

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