Deti Nation

There is a lot of wisdom squirreled away in comment threads on blogs.  Sometimes I think it’s a shame that a particularly wise comment is tucked away, hidden from all but the most dedicated (or otherwise unoccupied) searcher.

Deti is the author of many gems like that.  Any time I see his name atop a comment I always read it carefully.  I don’t always agree – he’s more cynical (no doubt he’d define it as more realistic) than I am.  Even so, I have learned some things from him, and had nebulous thoughts focused by reading what he has to say.  Although our worldviews are not identical, we agree on an awful lot of stuff.

Somebody had started compiling his comments and putting them up on a blog called Deti Nation.  Go have a look.  Deti is smart, wise, and writes well.  Consider what he says carefully.

There’s about five more of you bastards out there I hope this happens to.

Deti, I hope this is okay with you.  If not, let me know and I’ll remove this post and the link.  And hound you to start your own blog again.


16 thoughts on “Deti Nation

  1. I’m the guy that set up Deti Nation, I did it as a side project. And if Deti lets me know he isn’t OK with it, I’ll take it down.

    I’ve seen some of your comments on threads too and you’re not so bad yourself. I didn’t know you had set up your own blog. Thanks for the linkage dogsquat.

  2. If you like this guy, and you think good discussion is often hid in the comments instead of in the post itself, you need to look back upon the old realm of snark and wisdom, Usenet, and one of its Gods: The Danimal – Daniel Mocsny of Cincinnati. Some people go on and on about Kibo, but Kibo doesn’t hold a candle to the Danimal. Although the Danimal no longer posts on Google Groups nee Usenet (who does?), his followers abound. Samples:

    “For unattractive people, ‘love’ actually is grim. It’s like when quadriplegics discuss walking.”

    “Men pay attention to physically attractive women long before they know anything about their personalities. Furthermore, men are more willing to give attractive women the benefit of the doubt. An attractive woman with the “same” personality as a fat woman will seem to have a better personality, because her good looks bias the perceptions of men.”

    “If you don’t want your children to be bullied, make sure they have the traits necessary to land up near the top of the social hierarchy for children.”

    “That book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was like a great intellectual leap for women, as if many women did not even have the concept that a man might not want to have sex with them (or keep having sex with them). Women have been sold the huge lie that every woman is equally entitled to the same storybook relationship with her dream man. And women generally believe it because they don’t hit on guys and get rejected hundreds of times. Do you think anybody needs to write a book “Dude: Chicks Don’t Dig You”? “Dudes” already know they don’t get much love from most chicks.”

    “If you think I’m harsh, try going out and talking to women. I don’t know everything there is to know about picking up women, but I will tell you this: if a bit of mild criticism rattles your cage, you’d better stick to safer pursuits.”

    There’s much more here at one of the archives:

  3. Actually, deti is so skilled at dropping surgical-strike responses to other comments on blogs I’m not sure a top-banner blog of his own is the best format for him. But I wouldn’t complain if he started one.

    Nor Mike C, who would also have a lot to offer on a blog. Mike C actually was a big impetus for me to start blogging and also helped me gather the guts to end a bad relationships. Two points for introverts.

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