In Disposed

It’s Danny all-

Got a text from Dogsquat, who’s busy saving humanity as we speak, so he’s been unable to post. So he asked me to update you readers. Here’s what I woke up to today:

“Hey, Doc – if you get a chance, would you mind putting a post up on my blog saying “Dogsquat is saving lives and stamping out disease/fighting Huns/navel gazing and will return when he can” or something? Looks like i’ll be doing this crap for another week or so, then i’m going to sleep for another week. Don’t want to neglect the readers too badly. Thanks, man. I hope you’re doing ok.”

So now you know, he’s still around, just busy ATM. He’ll post again once he can.


7 thoughts on “In Disposed

  1. Thanks for the update, Danny. He said he’d be busy, but I was getting a little concerned. Please tell him to be safe and come home each shift.
    Looking forward to both you guys posting.

  2. All I want to know is: when is he coming back to the ‘Burgh to visit so I can meet him somewhere and buy him a beer.

    • Lol. As KillSquat would say, “there are things that I know, that I do know. And if I knew those things, I may not be divulged to share said knowledge.”

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