All’s Well

It’s Danny again…..

Just spoke to the Jarhead Dickbag and he’s fine. He’s just a tad sleepy, and needs some rest. He’ll be posting soon, I’m sure.

Stay up.


3 thoughts on “All’s Well

  1. Did guys in black suits grab him from his ambulance to send him on a super secret mission to spread red pill knowledge? Is he back from a deep cover op to flush out feminist spies from the manosphere? Sleepy!?

    What the crap? I expect a manly man like DS to pull a 36 hour shift, handle “business” at home, and post mad knowledge without breaking a sweat. If he can’t hang now, he’ll be in deep shit when he gets over the hill like me!

    DS – Hope to see you back at it after your “nap” 😉

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