Dickbag, Reporting for Duty!

Hi there…uh…is this thing still on?

First of all, thanks for checking back in.  Second, thanks to DannyFrom504 for putting those posts up.  Everybody should make friends with a Navy Corpsman – they’re fucking good people.

Sorry about the long absence.  Some of you folks know I work in EMS.  It’s a good gig most times, and I honestly don’t know what else I’d do for a living.  Unfortunately, the area I live has been on the evening news waaayyyy too much lately. That means lots of dumbass ambalamps drivers like me are fighting Darwin tooth-and-nail.  I wish I didn’t need my anonymity so much – I’ve seen some Interesting Things lately.  It’s been a stark reminder of how beautiful, ugly, heroic, giving, selfish, cunning, and just plain stupid the human animal is.  I’ve been shaking my head in amazement a lot these days.

Hopefully things get back to normal around here.  We need it.  I want to sleep in my own bed regularly, and maybe put up a blog post once in awhile, too.

I started writing a big ol’ post about how we’re all three missed meals away from being animals, and the general dog-eat-dog nature of The Universe.  In reading over it, I realized two things:

1. Telling normal people horror stories isn’t nice or helpful.
2. I need to take a week off and go surfing.

I’ve got about five things I want to write about.  Right now my brain is too full of blood and fire and death to be much good at it.  I’ll keep working on it, though, and when I get something more like Dogsquat and less like Ragnarök, I’ll put it up.

Couple days, maybe.

Be careful out there, and take a minute to think about how nice it is to be alive.


20 thoughts on “Dickbag, Reporting for Duty!

  1. Hey Dog, glad you’re ok. Watch the movie Klown on VOD. It’ll make you laugh your ass off. Everybody needs that now and then.

  2. About dang time Dogsquat! Know what you mean about being busy though. You guys pick ’em up and deliver them to us. Just finished a 12 day stretch myself last Fri. People are stupid or crazy; and sometimes both. Glad you’re back!

  3. One thing I learned twice, my first night in jail and my first night in Basic. The human animal is a lot less than three meals away from reverting to caveman status. Remove women, add stress and watch the poo-flinging and dominance squabbles begin.

  4. Glad you’re alright man. Life is crazy all over the place these days. Been dealing with the shit that went down in the Colorado movie theatre myself. I wasn’t there, obviously as I’m in Chicago these days, but a friend’s sister went through some crazy shit. Shotgun pellet to the head and survived – able to talk, walk, everything. Freaking ridiculously lucky, or miracle if you believe in those things.

    Anyways, thanks for the work that you do for other man. Bringing some order, sanity, and caring to crazy times like that. Hope that where ever you’re dealing with your things is less chaotic than Aurora, CO right now.

  5. EMS does God’s work. The HMFIC on our shift asked me if I was interested in a fully paid on the clock EMT school. I looked him straight in the eye and told him I couldn’t do it. He understood since he was asked but refused years ago. I’m happy to drive a firetruck if I can break away from my normal job.

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  7. Just book the surf trip. A week of ground swell will get the head back in the right place. I just hit Pavones after a 2 year absence of travelling and it completely chilled me out. Being back in regular life is easy to deal with again.

  8. I just got back from a week in Vegas! I highly suggest anyone that has a LOT of steam to blow off give it a thought. We got in a ton of site seeing AND managed to party hard as well. I’m gonna need a few weeks to re-cooperate from my vacation…

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