Haven’t talked to DS in a minute. I’m going to assume he’s just busy with work, but truth is- I have no clue. He’s very big on keeping readers informed thusly my updating the page.

But, to be on the safe side, assume this blog is closed if you see this update. If this site continues it will be because DS starts posting again. I will be doing no further updates. I know DS appreaciates your reading.


stay up.

Posting Again….

ok, i talked to DS, he’s good. he’ll post soon. hr really dislikes ignoring you guys. so he want’s to post as soon as he can.

but rest assured………he’s ok. he just needs to unwind.

Standby Kids

KillSquat finally got back to me. he’s dealing with some shit you civies will never understand. give him him some time. i’ll be talking with him and hopefully he’ll be posting soon enough. in the mean time, read my site and my blogroll folks.

not sure when he’ll post, but i need to talk to him more. and to be honest, he needs some HM venting before he posts again. so……until he unloads on me, he’ll be in hiding.

what you readers don’t get is that Marines are SERIOUS when they spill to us HM’s.

that’s all you get. he’ll be back when i’m done fixing him. and fixing Marine’s is my primary job.

Cleared Hot

PogSquat is still alive, he was just on vacation. Please desist with email’s. Your favorite Marine Blogger is just fine. Got a text and he should post again in a few. Actually he told me exactly when he’s going to post, but I’ve decided i’m NOT going to share.


As you were.

Dickbag, Reporting for Duty!

Hi there…uh…is this thing still on?

First of all, thanks for checking back in.  Second, thanks to DannyFrom504 for putting those posts up.  Everybody should make friends with a Navy Corpsman – they’re fucking good people.

Sorry about the long absence.  Some of you folks know I work in EMS.  It’s a good gig most times, and I honestly don’t know what else I’d do for a living.  Unfortunately, the area I live has been on the evening news waaayyyy too much lately. That means lots of dumbass ambalamps drivers like me are fighting Darwin tooth-and-nail.  I wish I didn’t need my anonymity so much – I’ve seen some Interesting Things lately.  It’s been a stark reminder of how beautiful, ugly, heroic, giving, selfish, cunning, and just plain stupid the human animal is.  I’ve been shaking my head in amazement a lot these days.

Hopefully things get back to normal around here.  We need it.  I want to sleep in my own bed regularly, and maybe put up a blog post once in awhile, too.

I started writing a big ol’ post about how we’re all three missed meals away from being animals, and the general dog-eat-dog nature of The Universe.  In reading over it, I realized two things:

1. Telling normal people horror stories isn’t nice or helpful.
2. I need to take a week off and go surfing.

I’ve got about five things I want to write about.  Right now my brain is too full of blood and fire and death to be much good at it.  I’ll keep working on it, though, and when I get something more like Dogsquat and less like Ragnarök, I’ll put it up.

Couple days, maybe.

Be careful out there, and take a minute to think about how nice it is to be alive.

All’s Well

It’s Danny again…..

Just spoke to the Jarhead Dickbag and he’s fine. He’s just a tad sleepy, and needs some rest. He’ll be posting soon, I’m sure.

Stay up.

In Disposed

It’s Danny all-

Got a text from Dogsquat, who’s busy saving humanity as we speak, so he’s been unable to post. So he asked me to update you readers. Here’s what I woke up to today:

“Hey, Doc – if you get a chance, would you mind putting a post up on my blog saying “Dogsquat is saving lives and stamping out disease/fighting Huns/navel gazing and will return when he can” or something? Looks like i’ll be doing this crap for another week or so, then i’m going to sleep for another week. Don’t want to neglect the readers too badly. Thanks, man. I hope you’re doing ok.”

So now you know, he’s still around, just busy ATM. He’ll post again once he can.